Include Your Jobs with XML

Send us your company information, logo location and job feed xml for inclusion consideration within our job search and partnership page listing. The following is an example of how your XML job feed should be structured.

Providing us with an XML feed is one of the fastest ways to get your jobs on Intelligent Search Agents. Once your feed is ready, login with your job provider account and contact us to get your feed included.

Example XML feed
Fields in red are required, other fields are optional but strongly encouraged:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<publisher>Example Job Site</publisher>
<lastBuildDate>Fri, 10 Dec 2008 22:49:39 GMT</lastBuildDate>
<title><![CDATA[Sales Executive]]></title>
<date><![CDATA[Fri, 10 Dec 2005 22:49:39 GMT]]></date>
<company><![CDATA[Big ABC Corporation]]></company>
<description><![CDATA[Do you have 1-3 years of sales experience? Are you relentless at closing the deal? Are you ready for an exciting and high-speed career in sales? If so, we want to hear from you!


We provide competitive compensation, including stock options and a full benefit plan. As a fast-growing business, we offer excellent opportunities for exciting and challenging work. As our company continues to grow, you can expect unlimited career advancement! ]]></description>
<salary><![CDATA[$50K per year]]></salary>
<jobtype><![CDATA[fulltime, parttime]]></jobtype>
<category><![CDATA[Category1, Category2, CategoryN]]></category>
<experience><![CDATA[5+ years]]></experience>

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  • All job content must be inside CDATA sections to avoid issues processing your XML feed.
  • Feeds must provide all currently open jobs, not jobs added since the last feed request. Jobs not included in your feed will be removed from our search results.
  • The date provided for each job should indicate when the job was first published.
  • The referencenumber provided for each job must be unique to that job.

Character Encoding

  • Please provide the proper character encoding for your feed in the XML header.
  • The example above illustrates UTF-8 however this may or may not be the case for you. Please check with your system administrator if you need clarification.
  • If you're not specifying the proper encoding your listings may come through with weird characters.���

Acceptable Use Policies
Your feed will be disabled and your jobs will be removed from our search results without notice if you do not adhere to the following:

  • URLs you provide must be permanent links directly to the job description. You must NOT require the user to log in to view the job description (you may require a user log in to apply for a job).
  • All jobs provided in your XML feed must be unique to your website. You must NOT include jobs from other job boards in your XML feed.
  • You must NOT include expired or closed jobs in your XML feed.

Feed Delivery

  • You are encouraged to zip or gzip your feed.
  • If necessary, use HTTP authentication to keep feeds private instead of restricting access based on IP address (which may change).